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My Gift of Grace

About the game

My Gift of Grace is a conversation game that helps everyone start a conversation about what matters most to them. Questions in the game cover a wide variety of topics, and playing that will help you learn about what matters most to you and the people close to you. The game adjusts itself to the level of comfort of the players and to how long a group wishes to play.

Who can play

The game is suitable for all ages and experiences and can be played by friends, families, or co-workers. For groups of 10 or more, we recommend using our Conversation Event Kits, include an updated version of the game and extra materials for large groups. Find out more about Conversation Event Kits.

Coming soon: an updated game

We've incorporated feedback from players into an updated version of the game with a new name and additional changes to make it an even better tool for great conversations. The new version is already available as part of our Conversation Event Kits, and we'll release a new home version of the game in 2017. You can find out more about the updated game here.

Sample cards

samplecard42plusback.png samplecard11.png samplecard15.png samplecard20.png