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Our kits are now available in Staff Engagement and Community Event versions!

Whether you're looking to engage your staff or community, our Hello kits make it easy to bring people together for a meaningful conversation about living and dying and what matters most. These conversations are the perfect onramp for advance care planning, and with Hello, they're also fun and engaging.

And the conversation doesn't end after gameplay: every participant leaves with unique take-home materials that help them continue the conversation and take important advance care planning steps. You can even add your own materials to make your event unique to your organization.

New: Staff Kits

How do you turn a group of healthcare staff into a team? With our new Staff Engagement Kits. These kits make it easy to start an important conversation with your staff about Advance Care Planning (ACP) and about living and dying and what matters most.

Staff Engagement Kits come with everything you need to plan and host a meeting or event that helps your staff gain confidence in starting conversations about living and dying well. Each staff member leaves with a full booklet of questions and Thank-you Chips, which they can use to continue the conversations they start at your meeting. And our kits also include Question 33, our new exercise that drives follow-up behaviors that are customized to your staff's needs. Staff Engagement Kits also include a comprehensive guide for the host of the game that will help you plan, prepare, and lead a great _Hello_ game.

Updated: Event Kits

Inside your Hello Event Kit, you'll find everything you need to plan, promote, and deliver an event that will inspire your community. And, we recently updated our Event Kits with lower prices and a new exercise called "Question 33." Question 33 is a simple, take-home exercise that every player can use to take the conversation they have at your event and turn it into solid next steps.

Every participant leaves with Question 33 plus our unique take-home materials that help them continue the conversation and take important advance care planning steps. These materials can be co-branded with your organization, and you can add your own materials to make your event unique to your organization.

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Hold your own Hello Event

1. Unpack your kit

1. Unpack your kit

Your kit comes with everything you need to plan, promote, and host a great conversation event, whether it's for staff or your community.

2. Plan your event

2. Plan your event

Our comprehensive planning guides will walk you through everything from where and when to hold your event to step-by-step guide to hosting the game.

3. Host your great conversation event

3. Host your great conversation event

You'll be amazed at how quickly participants dive into some of the most important conversations of their lives.

4. The conversation continues

4. The conversation continues

Every participant gets unique materials to take home that help them continue the conversation and take next steps.

I recently used a Hello Event Kit with a group of 50 seniors at a senior center. There was a great deal of laughter and joy and a lot of participants left with a greater understanding of and interest in advance care planning and having conversations about challenging topics. I would recommend the Event Kits to anyone that works with seniors and other community members and wants to engage them in new, exciting and meaningful ways.
Our event was so dynamic! Some people were nervous when they arrived, but everyone left energized and excited to continue the conversation.
Thank you so much for this excellent event! One of the other players, a woman named Maria, talked about having lupus SLE, which I also have. After the event, I introduced myself to her and we shared many tales about living with lupus. We felt as though we were instant friends. We traded phone numbers and have been in touch. It is wonderful to find someone to provide support.

Participant enjoying a Conversation Event

Published research shows...

1. Groups enjoy the Common Practice conversation game

“The game experience was a positive, satisfying, and enjoyable activity for participants.”1

2. Players follow up with action

78% of people who played the game went on to complete an advance care planning activity following the game.2

3. Healthcare staff gain confidence

Groups of staff that play Hello together gained confidence in starting conversations about ACP with their patients and colleagues.3

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1Reading, JM, Hopkins, M, Yoo, C, Smith, B, Dillon, J, Green, MJ, Levi, BH, Van Scoy, LJ (2017). Community Game Day: Using an End-of-Life Conversation Game to Engage Patients with Chronic Illness and Their Caregivers in Advance Care Planning. Oral Presentation; Mini Symposium. American Thoracic Society, May 22, 2017; Washington DC.

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