Celebrate NHDD with "Hello" Events

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is an event that inspires, educates, and empowers people to to talk about and document their advance care plans. NHDD is held on April 16th, but you can hold your events anytime in April.

People playing Hello at an eventAny organization can celebrate NHDD with our Conversation Event Kits!

Our Event Kits make it easy to host a great event for NHDD

To celebrate NHDD in 2018, we're working with organizations to start great conversations in their communities using our easy-to-use Conversations Event Kits. Our kits have everything you need to host a powerful event, including take-home materials for every participant.

Support advance care planning by your community, patients, or employees:

  • Bring your staff together for a unique team-building event
  • Get your community together for an event they'll be talking about for months
  • Hold an event at your church, mosque, or temple
  • Plan an event for your student group
  • Host a game night for your residents (long term care, retirement home, etc.)

Register now to prepare for your great event

Just purchase one or more Conversation Event Kits and register on our NHDD Events page and you'll get these extras:

  • Spread the word: announce your event on our website and get press releases that help you share your event with your community
  • Join the movement: NHDD is your chance to bring great conversations to your community and make talking about end of life issues common practice

Ready to get started? Register your event now. Don't know exactly when or where you'll be holding your event? Not to worry you can update your event later.

Registered NHDD Events

Get more information on NHDD at nhdd.org.