23 common practices of Common Practice

At Common Practice, we believe that it is our everyday behaviors that lead to a supportive and productive workplace. We’ve spent years trying out different methods, tools, and practices to see what works well, and in 2017 we codified them into a set of practices that we review, discuss, and reflect on every other month in order to ensure that we’re working well together.

These 23 practices are the everyday behaviors that help us do good work every day. Every other month, we start and end each workday with a 3-minute discussion about one of the practices, along with a practical example.

Together, these practices enable us to turn down the noise, get unstuck, be present, get into flow, and collaborate effectively. We’re sharing these practices on our social media this month to share what works for us. Please follow and join the discussion at @CoPractice and tell us what you think with #23practices.

Now you can get your own copy of the 23 Practices as a pocket guide. Click here to order now.

The 23 common practices:

  1. We respond quickly.
  2. We practice blameless problem-solving.
  3. We take the time to clarify expectations.
  4. We listen generously.
  5. We speak for ourselves.
  6. We share information with the future.
  7. We celebrate success.
  8. We are process-oriented.
  9. We question our assumptions.
  10. We assume positive intent.
  11. We make things tangible.
  12. We check in and we check out.
  13. We treat gratitude as a renewable resource.
  14. We do what matters most.
  15. We arrive on time for internal meetings and early for external meetings.
  16. We bring our whole selves to the table.
  17. We always pursue the right relationship.
  18. We are not afraid to iterate.
  19. We get things done.
  20. We say “No” with conviction.
  21. We apologize when appropriate, and accept apologies when they are offered.
  22. We focus.
  23. We make requests.