Hello comes in three versions:
Home Edition, Event Kits, and Co-branded materials

Home Edition

  • Materials for 2-5 players
  • Includes Question booklets, Thank-you Chips, and instructions
  • 2 minutes to learn how to play

  • Surprisingly fun and meaningful conversations

  • $4.99/player

Hello Home Editions can be co-branded for orders of 1,000+

Hello Home Edition can also be purchased in bulk. Click here for pricing.

Event Kits

  • Materials for 25 or more players
  • Combine or divide kits for bigger or smaller groups

  • Easy to deploy

  • Includes all materials from Home Edition, plus:

    • Question 33: an additional exercise geared toward behavior change after the game

    • Comprehensive Planning Guides for planning and running events with community members, patients, and staff

    • $4.99/player

Custom Printing

  • Materials for 250 or more players
  • Includes all materials in Hello Event Kits, including Question 33 and Planning Guides

  • Question booklets are custom-printed with your logo and message

  • Custom printing is $4.99/player for orders of over 2,000 players