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Custom printed materials

Hello brings people together for an experience they'll remember. It also drives behavior change and builds skills for tackling challenging conversations. When you add your logo and message to Hello materials, your community members will take the experience home with them and pass it on to their friends and family.

What do I get?

Hello game materials can be custom printed with your organization's logo on the front of every Questions booklet and your message on the back. Your custom materials pack includes the following materials for each participant:
  • A custom-printed Questions Booklet
  • A set of Thank-you Chips
  • A Question 33 exercise card

Plus, you'll receive our comprehensive hosting guides, scoring cards, and enamel pins for hosts.

How much does it cost?

For orders of 2,000 participants or more, Hello materials is $4.99/participant. We offer customization at no additional charge on orders for 2,000 participants or more. We offer flat-rate shipping of $250, or free shipping for orders of 5,000 participants or more.

Participants Price Per Participant Shipping



















How many do I have to order?

Custom Hello materials orders start at 250 participants, and we can manage orders of up to 50,000 participants or more!

How long do custom orders take?

Our standard turnaround time is 4-6 weeks after proof approval. We can deliver anywhere in the world, and your order can be split and shipped to multiple locations.

What else can I customize?

We also offer custom printing of our Hello Home Edition, with your logo on the box cover and your message on a card inside each box. Custom printing of Hello Home Editions start at 1,000 games.

Our Hello and Thank You enamel pins can also be customized with your logo and message on the backing card. Custom enamel pin orders start at 250 pieces.

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Ready to place a custom order? Select your payment method below.