Video Case Study: The Conversation System in action

What happens when every staff member on an inpatient hospice unit can walk into any patient's room at any time fully confident that they know something important about the patient as a person? How does this change how care is delivered? How does it change the way team members work together?

In this video case study, you can listen in as the staff of a Delaware hospice unit describe the transformation in care that they created using the Conversation System. The Conversation System utilizes Hello, Common Practice's game that facilitates conversations about serious illness and end of life issues.

Video 1: Firsthand Experience

At the start of the project, staff gain firsthand experience with high quality conversations about serious illness and end of life issues by playing Hello with each other and their families. This process builds empathy for patients and their families, and helps team members get to know each other.

Video 2: Custom Integration

Working with Common Practice, hospice staff chose one question from the game (Question 11) to integrate into their daily interactions with patients. Answers are written on large versions of the game cards and then placed prominently in the patient's room, where they become starting points for conversations with other staff.

Video 3: Consistent Delivery

With the Conversation System fully implemented, staff can make person-centered care repeatable and reliable for every patient, and the shared experience brings staff together to provide care as a team.

Interested in putting the Conversation System to work in your organization?