My Gift of Grace is now Hello

We're excited to announce that we've updated My Gift of Grace with a new name and additional changes to make it an even better tool for great conversations.

Why we updated the game

We incorporated feedback from players and researchers:

  • Many people told us that the name of the game has religious overtones, and some have felt excluded because of this. We designed our game for everyone, so we don't want the name to leave people out.
  • Researchers have released several studies on the game that have given us insights into how the game works in actual conversations.
  • We've observed thousands of people playing the game to learn more about how people respond to it in a variety of settings.

We've also launched our Event Kits for organizations that want to start great conversations in their communities, and these kits will share the same name as the game.

What has changed in the updated game?

A new name

Based on feedback from users, we’ve given the game a new name. We wanted a name that signals what the game is all about: Starting conversations in a non-threatening way. So we’re calling it “Hello.”

Every player gets their own set of questions

Every player keeps their questions and answers – easy to update and reference later.
This new version of our game has the questions in a booklet that each player can keep at the end of the game. These booklets replace the single deck of cards that were included in My Gift of Grace. This allows each player to hold on to their answers at the end of the game and continue to update and change them over time. These booklets fit right in your pocket – bring them on road trips, carry them to dinner parties, or start up a game wherever you are.