Thinking about introducing Hello to your leadership team?

Are you interested in introducing Hello to your organization? Often, getting buy-in from leadership is the best first step, and the best way to get buy in is through experience with the game. Here are some simple steps to take if you want to introduce the game to your leadership team:

  1. Get the game. Playing Hello with up to 20 people? Just buy the 5-person Home Edition and add some Extra Player Packs. Playing with more people? Get a Hello Event Kit for 25 or 50 people. (Having extra materials on hand is always a good idea as players often want to bring the game to others right away.)
  2. Schedule a time to play with your team. We recommend playing for at least 30-45 minutes and leaving enough time for brainstorming and discussion with players about next steps.  

  3. Need a hand? If you would like to schedule time for Jethro, our CEO, to introduce the game, discuss what other organizations are doing with the game or joining the discussion after game play you can schedule a call or video meeting with him using this link.

If you have any questions, drop us a line!