Templates, tips and resources for hosting Hello games

Templates for use with Hello Event Kits.

Publicity photos

Below are links to Flickr Albums of people playing  Hello.

Many of these photos focus on the animated conversations that happen during the game – you can use any of these to publicize your event and show what the experience is like.

Everyone in these photos has agreed to allow the use of their likeness to publicize events that are related to the games and Common Practice.

To download a photo from a Flickr album, first click on the photo so that it is the only photo being viewed. Then click on the downward facing arrow icon on the bottom right of the screen and select the size you’d like to download.

Hello Logos

Print Logos: (EPS  files, suitable for print documents)

Web Logos:

Social Media Tips:

Use the hashtag #PlayHello, and don’t forget to include us in your tweets!  @CoPractice

For social media posts, we recommend using first-person narratives and showing over telling.

First-person narratives:  Tell your audience why this is important to individuals in your organization.

Showing is better than telling:  With the permission of your guests, take a few photos of people in conversation and share them over social media. Write down some of the feedback you hear at your event and post it on your favorite social media service (be sure to ask permission from your guests if you want to use their names).