Hello starts great conversations at conferences, events, and retreats

Common Practice offers services that can be customized to your conference or retreat to create an engaging experience for attendees, including direct experience with our conversation game and speaking.

Give your participants a powerful experience

Common Practice’s conversation game Hello has been used at events around the world to help people get to know each other through deep and meaningful conversations. The game has been shown through experience and published research to be an effective way for people to get to know each other better, whether they have known each other for years or are complete strangers.

The game explores the topics of serious illness and death through a non-threatening and fun conversation that can be scheduled for between 40 minutes and two hours, making it a great fit for an icebreaker, lunch, or breakout workshop.

Who is the game for?

The game is designed for general audiences and can be used by any group with no training or expert facilitation needed. While popular at healthcare-focused conferences, it is an excellent icebreaker that helps any group of people get to know each other quickly.

How is the game delivered?

For events, Hello is available as a Conversation Event Kit which includes all the materials you’ll need, including take-home materials for participants and scripts and preparation materials that anyone can use to easily facilitate a game. Common Practice Staff can also be hired to facilitate game events.

Interested in bringing Hello to your conference? Contact us today.