Thai Version of Hello

Our goal at Common Practice is to help everyone have meaningful conversations about living and dying well, so we’re proud to announce our first translation of Hello! Created through a partnership between Common Practice and the Peaceful Death Project in Thailand. The Thai language version of our game is called “Game Phai Khai Shevit” (Life unlocking card game).

Common Practice and the Peaceful Death Project combined forces to create this translation, and the results speak for themselves. In early testing, one teacher said that she had never connected with her students as well as she did when she played this game with them, and one mother and son were inspired to fill out their living wills together.

As part of their preparation for the release of the game, the Peaceful Death Project has been holding public events where people can try out this new translation. Over 300 people have played the game so far, and as distribution of the game begins, even more people will have a chance to experience the game.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Common Practice to produce a translated version of Hello, please visit our translations page.