Hello, Florida!

We wanted to share some videos about Hello, the game that helps everyone talk about living and dying and what matters most.

What is Hello?

How to play Hello

Publicize your event with our photos

One of the best ways to attact participants to a Hello event is with photos of people engaged in the game. We've collected a large number of professional photos from previous events that you can use to publicize your Hello events. Click this link to find templates, logos, and a full set of photos for publicity use.

High School students bring Hello to their classmates

What happens when healthcare staff play Hello?

Hello in Harrisburg, PA

Nick Jehlen, lead designer of Hello, speaks at the Mayo Clinic about My Gift of Grace, an early version of Hello.

Cecilia played Hello with her family

Nazea's conversation (in this video, Nazea and his family use an earlier version of Hello called My Gift of Grace). More videos about Nazea available here.